Women We Serve:

We serve women seeking to understand the widowhood experience. To assist them in creating a positive future and purposeful life. Women of all age ranges, beliefs, faiths, partner status and ethnic backgrounds. Women of all loss circumstances focused on growth versus grief, seeking empowerment. 

The Program

Follow the path to a positive future and purposeful life

  • HOPE

    Step 1 in this program we have an interactive course that leads you towards a feeling of more hope in your widowed journey. Initially in the hope stage there is not much of a feeling of hope. It feels mostly like survival. The purpose of the hope stage is to move from survival, to bereavement, to believement. Believement is that moment where you've become aware of and have accepted the feeling of HOPE. There may not be a specific goal/purpose, but there is a broad understanding and decision to move forward.

  • HEAL

    Step 2 The HEAL phase can be described as a participation phase. This is where you have already decided there is more for your life and to move forward. Here we actively participate in the hard work to get us ready for MORE. This is a very active phase. Showing up for yourself and taking the responsibility for your healing is vital. Setting boundaries in this phase is for protection, for what you need to do to heal. Being honest with yourself is an important part of this stage of life.

  • GROW

    Step 3 This phase is a purposeful phase. Here, we have moved from survival, developed a hope, chosen to actively heal, and are moving towards growing and nourishing who we are now, loss included. This is a time of reflection of how far you have come and what you are grateful for. Your world is expanding and you are stepping into it.

  • LEAD

    Step 4 In this phase your journey has you in a place that is likely full of gratitude. You feel balance and fairness. You are mentoring others while walking beside them. Your mindset is of advocacy and giving back. You have the comfort to hold space for others. You are not here by accident. You worked hard and with intention.

Are these courses for you?

Our courses are designed by widows for widows. We are here for you every step of the way!

  • Is widowhood new to you and you are searching for hope?

  • Are you looking to find a pathway forward?

  • Does healing, growth, finding purpose and meaning matter to you in widowhood?

Carolyn Moor

Modern Widows Club Founder and Development Director

Carolyn Moor founded the nonprofit Modern Widows Club in 2011. A powerhouse speaker with an emerging voice in education, awareness and advocacy for women's health in widowhood. She's spearheading and inspiring a new generation of widows to become mentors, leaders and advocates to make a positive impact on communities globally.

A TEDxOaklandStudio speaker, she's been featured in the WSJ, PBS, NPR, HuffPost LIVE, The Oprah Winfrey Show, OWN, TLC, Growing Bolder Media, Pecha Kucha and the WOW Factor Leadership Podcast. Find more at

Currently, she's the curriculum creator at Widow Empowerment School of Thought (WESOT) e-courses, managing the Modern Widows Club 4th Annual 2021 Widow Empowerment Event in Houston Sept. 17-19, hosting the podcast HEALTHY WIDOW HEALTHY WOMAN, writing two books ‘Widow Wisdom’ and ‘Revolutionizing Widowhood: Our Last Social Crisis of Significance’ and pioneering the future vision for the healthy modern widow pathway forward worldwide.

Her interests include humanitarian work, SUP, travel, vintage cars, interior design and architecture. Her passion is serving others in finding their own unique purpose by embracing both faith and action.


  • Is this course for new widows?

    This course is for all widows looking for hope, healing, growth and to lead their new life in in widowhood with a healthy mindset as she moves forward.

  • Does it matter what age I am?

    No. We welcome widows of all ages and that is part of the beauty of this course. It was created by widows from many ages, backgrounds and life experiences.

  • How long will this course take me?

    Because we know widows are busy women, we created this to be self paced for your convenience. Take your time or speed through each level. Your choice.

  • What will I learn in at WESOT?

    You will learn that self care and a healthy pathway forward focused on our 7 pillars of healthy widowhood matters. We believe when widows are supported, nurtured, respected and loved, they naturally are empowered to thrive. From our years of surveying thousands of widows, we saw that they were seeking hope, healing, growth and to lead their life with more confidence. This gives them the resilient opportunity to make solid and knowledgable decisions going forward which encourages them to find both purpose and meaning after loss.