About this course

In this program we have an interactive course that leads you towards a feeling of more hope in your widowed journey. Initially in the hope stage there is not much of a feeling of hope. It feels mostly like survival. The purpose of the hope stage is to move from survival, to bereavement, to believement. Believement is that moment where you've become aware of and have accepted the feeling of HOPE. There may not be a specific goal/purpose, but there is a broad understanding and decision to move forward.

Pillars of Healthy Widowhood

Throughout this course we will talk about the following:

  • Emotional and Mental Health
  • Physical Health
  • Relational Health
  • Spiritual Health
  • Financial Health
  • Fun and Creative Health
  • Purpose and Meaning Health

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to your HOPE Course

    • Welcome to our HOPE Curriculum

    • Hope Survey Pre-Course

    • A Widow's Song - Inspirational Poem

    • Holistic Widowhood

  • 2

    HOPE SESSION 101- Emotional and Mental Health

    • Hope and Healing Go Together

    • Brain Fog and Widowhood

    • Emotional and Mental Health Blog Posts

  • 3

    HOPE SESSION 102 - Physical Health

    • Anatomy of Grief: Sudden Changes and Life Transitions

    • Move To Heal Your Body, Mind and Spirit

    • Physical Health Blog Posts

  • 4

    HOPE SESSION 103 - Financial Health

    • Loss, Finances and Widowhood Decisions

    • Knowledge is Power Over Grief: Conquering Financial Fear

    • Financial Health Blog Posts

  • 5

    HOPE SESSION 104 - Relational Health

    • Introverted vs. Extroverted Loss

    • With Hope In Her Eyes... A Widow From India

    • Relational Health Blog Posts

  • 6

    HOPE SESSION 105 - Spiritual Health

    • How to Grieve Spiritually

    • The Wounded Warrior in You

    • Spiritual Health Blog Posts

  • 7

    HOPE SESSION 106 - Fun & Creativity Health

    • Art4Healing

    • MWC Book Club

    • Fun and Creativity Health Blog Posts

  • 8

    HOPE SESSION 107 - Purpose and Meaning Health

    • What does Purpose, Meaning and Resilience have in common?

    • Healthy Widow Healthy Woman

    • Purpose and Meaning Health Blog Posts

    • How to Support and Comfort Someone Going Through Grief

  • 9


    • Hope Survey Final

    • Congratulations from Instructor Carolyn Moor

"Am I Ready" Checklist

Small steps forward as I navigate widowhood.

  • Life feels uncertain without my spouse or partner

  • Hope is sustaining me, and yet, hard to grasp at times

  • I'm ready to honor this journey and learn a healthy path forward


  • Is this course for new widows?

    This course is for all widows looking for hope, healing, growth and to lead their new life in in widowhood with a healthy mindset as she moves forward.

  • Does it matter what age I am?

    No. We welcome widows of all ages and that is part of the beauty of this course. It was created by widows from many ages, backgrounds and life experiences.

  • How long will this course take me?

    Because we know widows are busy women, we created this to be self paced for your convenience. Take your time or speed through each level. Your choice.

  • What will I learn in at WESOT?

    You will learn that self care and a healthy pathway forward focused on our 7 pillars of healthy widowhood matters. We believe when widows are supported, nurtured, respected and loved, they naturally are empowered to thrive. From our years of surveying thousands of widows, we saw that they were seeking hope, healing, growth and to lead their life with more confidence. This gives them the resilient opportunity to make solid and knowledgable decisions going forward which encourages them to find both purpose and meaning after loss.