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What happens when you bring widows together with inspiring expert speakers accessible from anywhere in the world for one powerful day?

She feels SEEN, HEARD, RESPECTED and LOVED for the formidable, courageous woman she is in the world. She finds a way to move forward, reach back to help others and honor her love legacy. JOIN US!

Countdown to WEE 2022 Virtual

Join us for this empowering event and learn from other widow mentors, leaders, and advocates; gain new tools and resources; and find a supportive community.

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Are you ready for WEE 2022 Virtual?

These are real quotes from women just like you who wondered if this event was right for them!

  • Where do people like me go?

  • My grief group isn't working for my anymore. Now what?

  • I'm curious about what's possible for my future, even if I don't know what that is.

  • I'm called to uplift and mentor other widows now.

  • Looking for healing, hope and purpose in life.

  • I want to learn from other widows further along than me.

  • Widow School? Sign me up!


“I want to learn from widow speakers who have their own widowhood story of grief to growth who have now become mentors, leaders and advocates for widows' causes. ”


“I'm a completely different person after losing my partner. I'm bummed I have to rebuild my life, but I want to do it well! One that is focused on finding purpose and meaning.”


“Becoming a young widow felt very out of order and isolating. I want to find my tribe of strong, wise and empowered women to guide me towards what the future holds.”


WEE 2022 Virtual Agenda

New speakers and topics coming soon!

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    WEE 2022 Virtual | May 14, 2022

    • WEE 2022 Virtual - Welcome

    • WEE 2022 Virtual - Resources

    • WEE 2022 Virtual - Survey

    • Session 1 - Speaker Carolyn Moor, "Interior Spaces that Heal Your Interior Self"

    • Session 2 - Speaker Dr. Marissa Magsino, "Female Stress, Widowhood and Longevity"

    • Session 3- Speakers Jenn Fortune and Jen Johnson, MWC Dating Club "Finding Companionship Again"

    • Session 4- Speaker Cyndi Williams LCSW "Grief, Growth and Rebuilding a Life of Meaning"

    • Session 5- Speaker Christina Rasmussen, Author of Second Firsts and Life Reentry Institute

    • Session 6- Current Events Panel Discussion TBD

    • Session 7- Speaker Kelly Sayre, "Female Self Defense & Protecting Yourself"

    • Session 8- Speaker TBD "What To Do First and Second Year of Closing Out a Loved Ones Life"

    • Check later for more....

    • WEE 2022 Virtual Graduation Ceremony

    • WEE 2022 Virtual- Post Survey

Bonus Material

WEE speakers are generous!

  • Event Special Gift-Aways & Program

    $100 value

    The WEE 2022 Virtual event program .pdf is a printable keepsake which will include all speaker information, additional special offers, and speaker giveaways from each session.

  • MWC Book Club Prizes

    $20 value

    Every year, our MWC Book Club receives copies of authored books and journals to gift-away as prizes at our events. You could be a lucky winner for showing up!

Did you miss WEE 2021 LIVE in Houston, TX?

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  • Have questions about WEE 2022 Virtual?

    Email Lyn Kienholz at

  • How many widows will attend WEE 2022 Virtual?

    We don't know for certain, but 512 widows around the world registered for WEE 2020 Virtual. The event is virtual, so the sky's the limit!

  • What if I can't stay the whole day? Will the event be recorded?

    Absolutely, YES! Although many attendees were able to stay for the full 8 hours at WEE 2020 Virtual, we know many could not. All recordings will be available shortly after the event, so you can catch up and stream it 24/7/365. We gotcha covered.

  • How do I apply for a Scholarship Ticket

    Please complete the application (copy & paste the link into your browser)

  • What if event day comes and I'm unable to attend the virtual event LIVE?

    Things happen, we get it! The bummer part is you'll miss winning some of our giveaways, and won't be able to participate in the Speaker Q&As. But you'll have access to recorded sessions so you can receive all the important educational content, community and connection. Don't miss out on that!

  • How many Widow Scholarship virtual tickets can I purchase?

    When purchasing using the "Purchase Now" button, just one. However, if you wish to purchase a scholarship for more than one widow (wow!) email us at or call 844-4- A WIDOW. We will make it happen! This 501(c)3 tax deductible donation applies to any amount. Thank you for your generosity. It matters.

  • Is my WEE 2022 Virtual ticket refundable or transferrable?

    WEE 2022 Virtual tickets are not refundable or transferrable, so remember to mark your calendar to attend LIVE on May 14! And after the event, all registrants can enjoy the recorded sessions at their convenience.

  • What are the ages of widows attending the event?

    Widows from their 20s to their 80s attend our events. All it takes is a smartphone, tablet, or computer to easily access the live virtual event or watch later. Curiosity, passion, and purpose are key, not age.

  • Is my WEE 2022 Virtual ticket fee tax deductible?

    YES. Make sure to include this Modern Widows Club 501(c)(3) nonprofit event fee on your 2022 tax return.

Registration Options

Select one WEE 2022 Virtual ticket for yourself for $50, or one ticket for yourself plus a scholarship for another widow for $100.

WEE 2022 Virtual tickets are not refundable or transferrable, so remember to mark your calendar for May 14 to attend LIVE! But if you end up missing the event for any reason, recorded sessions will be available to all registrants shortly after the event ends.