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Modern Widows Club Founder Carolyn Moor

Modern Widows Club is a Lifeline of Impact and Support 

A conversation with Carolyn Moor, the founder of Modern Widows Club, sheds light on how support for widows facilitates their journey from grief to growth during pivotal life transitions. 

The narrative includes Cindy T.'s story, a widow who discovered the Modern Widows Club, received support, and now contributes to empowering thousands of other new widows. Her involvement has also been instrumental in cultivating new leadership within the organization, highlighting the transformative power of initial support.

About this course

In this program we have an interactive course that leads you towards a feeling of more confident in stepping forward in your widowed journey and taking on a leadership role to serve widows on a local basis. 

You have found hope, healing and personal growth and now, want to reach back and be a catalyst for more of this on an immeasurable unknown amount of other widows who are seeking local social support and a resilient, inspiring community. 

The Pillars of Healthy Widowhood

Throughout this course we will talk about the following:

  • Emotional and Mental Health
  • Physical Health
  • Relational Health
  • Spiritual Health
  • Financial Health
  • Fun and Creative Health
  • Purpose and Meaning Health

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Your LEAD Course

    • Modern Widows Club is a Lifeline of Impact and Support for Widows

    • Modern Widows Club Core Principles, Mission and Vision

    • Welcome to your Modern Widows Club LEAD E-Course!

    • Community Advocate Financial Investment

  • 2

    LEAD Next Steps

    • Concluding Actions for Community Advocate Candidacy

"Am I Ready" Checklist

Small steps forward as I navigate envisioning my leadership journey in widowhood.

  • I've been moving forward with support, now I want to support other widows in my journey.

  • Finding my new self wasn't easy, if I can reduce any suffering for another widows life by empowering them with hope, healing and growth, I want to do that.

  • I'm ready to honor this journey and learn a healthy path forward by also reaching back to be support for others. This will be my legacy of love story.