About this course

In this HEAL e-course, you will experience many interactive and empowering lessons meant to lead you towards acquiring healing knowledge and resources relevant in your widowed journey. Multiple instructors share videos, links, and resources focused on holistic health in widowhood. 

Your HEAL e-course will enable you to lean into more active participation. Your eyes and heart will be opened to a future you may not have known was possible. 

The instructors are women who also know widowhood in their own respective fields of expertise. 

The purpose of our HEAL e-course is to move towards rebuilding your life in a healthy way. You will discover areas of life where you are managing your loss well, and where you may decide to focus on going forward.

Your journey is as unique as you. ZOOM through the lessons or take your sweet time. All lessons are self-paced to accommodate your busy life. We understand. 

The Pillars of Healthy Widowhood

Throughout this course we will talk about the following:

  • Emotional and Mental Health
  • Physical Health
  • Relational Health
  • Spiritual Health
  • Financial Health
  • Fun and Creative Health
  • Purpose and Meaning Health

Course curriculum

  • 1
  • 2

    HEAL Session 101: Emotional and Mental Health

  • 3

    HEAL Session 102: Physical Health

    • When Life Throws You Curveballs....

    • Eating for YOUR Health

    • Self Reflection/Self Work

    • Resource List

  • 4

    HEAL Session 103: Financial Health

    • Financial Health 101: Building Your Trifecta Team

    • Compiling Your Necessary Financial Information

    • Using Your Financial Notebook Resource

    • Cashflow is Crucial $$

    • Self Reflection/Self Care

    • Resource List

  • 5

    HEAL Session 104: Relational Health

    • Explaining Post Traumatic Growth

    • Eco-Map: Find Where You Can Receive the Support You Need

    • Self Reflection/Self Care

    • Resource List

  • 6

    HEAL Session 105: Spiritual Health

    • Spiritual Health 101

    • When Good Intentions Go Bad...

    • Self Connection: Navigating The Journey

    • Self Reflection/Self Care

    • Resource List

  • 7

    HEAL Session 106: Fun and Creativity Health

    • How To use Art as a Vessel to Heal

    • Grief Needs to be Expressed

    • Self Reflection/Self Care

    • Resource List

  • 8

    HEAL Session 107: Purpose and Meaning Health

    • Finding Peace and Peace in Purpose

    • Seeking Clarity in a Time of Turmoil

    • How to Support and Comfort Someone Going Through Grief

    • Self Reflection/Self Care

    • Resource List

  • 9

    Conclusion and HEAL Graduation

    • HEAL Survey

    • Congratulations HEAL graduate!

"Am I Ready" Checklist

Small steps forward as I navigate widowhood.

  • Life feels uncertain without my spouse or partner

  • Hope is sustaining me, and yet, hard to grasp at times

  • I'm ready to honor this journey and learn a healthy path forward

Heal e-course


Carolyn Moor

Modern Widows Club Founder and Development Director

Carolyn Moor founded the nonprofit Modern Widows Club in 2011 from her home with two widows. A powerhouse speaker with an emerging voice in education, awareness and advocacy for women's health movement. She's spearheading and inspiring a new generation of widows to become mentors, leaders and advocates to make a positive impact on communities globally. Author of Connect, Inspire, Lead: Empowering Your Widow Mentoring & Leadership Gifts, she is passionate about changing the culture of health for widows. A TEDxOaklandStudio speaker, she's been featured in the WSJ, PBS, NPR, HuffPost LIVE, The Oprah Winfrey Show, OWN, TLC, Growing Bolder Media, Pecha Kucha and the WOW Factor Leadership Podcast. Find more at carolynmoor.com Currently, she's the curriculum creator at Widow Empowerment School of Thought (WESOT) e-courses, produces the Modern Widows Club Annual Widow Empowerment Event, hosts the podcast HEALTHY WIDOW HEALTHY WOMAN, and writes for Widow Life on Substack with her own opinion column titled Moor Thoughts. She is writing two books ‘Legendary Widows: Stories of Legacy' and ‘Revolutionizing Widowhood: Our Last Social Crisis of Significance’ and pioneering the future vision for the healthy modern widow pathway forward worldwide. Her interests include humanitarian work, SUP, travel, vintage cars, interior design and architecture. Her passion is serving others in finding their own unique purpose by embracing both faith and action. Studied at Pace University, Communication Studies, Stanford University Studies in International Women's Health and Human Rights, and STLCC Meramec, Interior Design. She's the proud mom of two daughters.

Cyndi Williams

Turning Grief Into Growth

Feeling overwhelmed in grief is normal. But living in a constant state of overwhelm can be detrimental to your mental and physical health. In this session, we’ll discuss those things that make us feel overwhelmed, along with how to manage the feelings and potentially turn them into a catalyst for growth. You’ll learn why feelings of overwhelm can occur, along with practical tools to calm yourself in those moments so you can do the necessary self-evaluation to get to the root of the problem.

Megan Kopka

Megan is passionate about helping women (especially divorced women and particularly widows) find financial security and the freedom to live full lives through planning and investing. Her experience as a former math teacher, wife, mom, Widow, solo parent, caregiver, medical advocate, business owner, and feminist give her unique perspectives when it comes to integrating money and values. Megan has two grown children she cherishes for spending time with: Bruce, a Third Mate in the Maritime industry and Jaden, a recent college graduate of UNC Charlotte and aspiring pilot. Megan is the co-advocate for the Cape Fear community of the Modern Widows club and serves as part of the organization Golden committee. Megan Kopka, CFP®, CRPC® NAPFA Registered Financial Advisor CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™ Kopka Financial, LLC Phone: 910-800-0095 www.kopkafinancial.com


Lyn Kienholz

Program Director

Lyn Kienholz found Modern Widows Club in 2011 after the loss of her husband Mike. She launched the Minneapolis West Community in 2013 and served widows in her home until 2019 when she transitioned to the Modern Widows Club HQ Team as the Program Director. Lyn believes that meeting widows where they are at either in-person or on-line can dramatically change the trajectory of a widows journey. As the Program Director for Modern Widows Clubs partners with our Communities and Clubs along with creating content for all of our programs. She is the Meeting & Event Planner for Modern Widows Club Widow Empowerment Event. Lyn lives with her second husband Jeff and their blended family of 6 kids near Minneapolis, MN. She owns Red Thread Consulting Group and her interests outside include boating, hiking, beach vacations along with curling up with a cup of tea and a good book during long Minnesota winters.

Surapsari Megumi Fjuimaru

Surapsari Megumi Fujimaru is a Board Certified Coach and mindfulness teacher. She helps widows overcome the most challenging phase of their widowhood and create a new life they love using mindfulness practices, a holistic health approach, and deep inquiry. She works with her clients via Zoom and at her private retreat facility in the Texas Hill Country. Visit her websites, lifetransitionguidance.com and surapsari.com, to learn more about her services.

Tara Gidus Collingwood

Tara Gidus Collingwood, MS, RDN is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer, and fellow Wister. You can find her at dietdiva.net.


Vickie Griffith

Vickie Griffith is internationally respected as the Break Through Catalyst having helped thousands of individuals tap into their unique brilliance and highest potential in business and life. Buy Vickie's Latest Book "You Can Be Right About Everything and Still Have Nothing". Vickie is known for her infectious enthusiasm and deceptively low-key, casual approach. She travels throughout the country offering keynotes, coaching, and workshops.

Laura Amendola

Marisela Marquez


Vashon Sarkisian

Misty Pennington

Misty is a Spiritual Mentor who works with others open to learning how to more freely navigate a healthy, happy, and wealthy life by learning how to process energetic blocks caused by every-day life experiences. As a Compassion Mentor, Misty helps you identify these blocks and provides you with resources to independently navigate your journey, or collaborate with others on a similar path to help you work out the occasional kinks you may encounter.